2nd March


Raising vital funds for the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter

In recognition of International Women's Day on Friday the 8th of March, WoManly joined forces with men's group Mo-Manly to raise awareness and funds for the

Northern Beaches Women's Shelter.

To celebrate women, WoManly continued their yearly mission to 'Turn Manly into WoManly for a day!'. WoManly began an EveryDayHero fundraising campaign, with all donations going to the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter and raised $1090! Thanks to everyone who donated!

WoManly met with The Sebel Manly Beach's general manager to discuss International Women's Day and the networking meetings that will be held in The Sebel's Penthouse!

To find out more about these meetings visit WoManly's website HERE

Congratulations to all Women!!


BaptistCare's Annual fundraising event The Halo Ball started out as BaptistCare's first fundraising event for women and children affected by domestic and family violence. Over the past three years, BaptistCare has been able to raise over $300,000 thanks to the generosity of their supporters and guests. 2019 will mark Halo's Ball 4th year running and will continue to raise vital funds and awareness for this incredibly worthy causes. The night will be jam packed with live entertainment, charitable auctions and a great social atmosphere. MM+J Architects will be one of Halo Ball's event sponsors in helping to break the cycle of abuse and respond to Australia's domestic and family violence crisis.

MM+J Architects will be donating a 2 hour consultation voucher that will provide architectural advice and ideas for one generous bidder, for their home valued at $400!

If you would like to sponsor this event or find out more information, please click here


Cammeray House 02

We are continuing our Art-Deco inspired pink, grey and white design throughout our Cammeray House 02 project. Here we present the master en-suite!


Duo Ceiling Lamp

The Duo Ceiling Lamp was designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia. The lamp combines the natural, warm appearance of oakwood with the technical refinement of an aluminium metal wrap on the outside. [Source & Images via ArchDaily]

MM+J Architects have come across these ceiling lamps via ArchDaily and we instantly want to install them into our clients homes! They are beautiful! As they are available in four different formats with three colour variations, they provide as an excellent interior lighting option.

Due to being surface mounted, they are a perfect pendant for lower ceilings. Creating a versatile option for designers and their clients. The definitely give high impact!


The Home Office and Today's Changing Work Patterns

The 'normal' working week is becoming less and less clear and what is truly understood as a working week goes so far beyond the 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Companies and their employees are developing greater ways to live and work efficiently, through mixing up the traditional ways of work. We are seeing more leaders trusting their employees to work from home. This comes from a variety of reasons and increases employee empowerment, making work more enjoyable.

Then comes the influx of home office design, our clients are wanting a professional, yet homely office space that they can work efficiently in. These spaces aren't designed for the masses, and instead designed for the individual's needs and wants. They are bespoke, creative and well thought out areas. We incorporate home offices into our designs and they range from either a complete separate room to a little nook within the joinery. Here are examples of some studies and home offices we have created for our clients at our, Fairlight House 04, Crows Nest House 01, Balmain House 01 and Manly House 03.

Pictured Above: Fairlight House 04; Crows Nest House 01; Balmain House 01; Manly House 03

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