1st Day of Spring!


Cammeray House 02

Our Cammeray clients are wanting a second level extension for their home. The brief is to create an open plan living area and deck. The existing house is art-deco and our clients want to mimic those characteristics on the second level extension. With that style in mind, our team are designing curved walls and joinery throughout the home and also replicating the small circular windows in the existing lower levels.

The preliminary schematic colour of choice of the kitchen are pinks, greys and whites. Here is a recent render of the kitchen.


Natural Materials

Using natural materials in the home is most desirable. It is friendly to the environment and creates a soft interior. Natural furniture and decor has risen in popularity within interior styling, it brings a sense of fresh air, natural living and a relaxed lifestyle.

Images via Dutchwarehouse; Linen House; The Family Love Tree; Aura Home


Shipping Container Pools

The only pool on the market that arrive as a complete product!

Shipping container swimming pools are literally popping up everywhere. It says it in the name, the pool is made out of a shipping container with a fiberglass pool insert. Each pool is pre-assembled (including plumbing) in a controlled factory in Australia making it the most sustainable pool on the market. These pools are designed smart and safe for our Australian pool regulations. They are available in 2 sizes, 6 metres or 12 metres long and come in 4 possible colour variations.

This product is a perfect choice for those who don't want the hassle, time and money spent on digging out a huge whole in your backyard!

Check out their website here, they're Aussie made!

Images via Shipping Container Pools


International Women's Day

In recognition of International Women's Day, WoManly is joining forces with men's group

Mo-Manly to raise awareness and funds for the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, who provide valuable services for local women. As a fun way to raise awareness, we are continuing our yearly mission to 'turn Manly into WoManly for a day!'


Help support the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter in raising much needed funds for local women in need. They are looking for 100 local businesses to donate $50, to help reach their target of $5000!

By donating at least $50, you will receive:

+ Recognition of your support on the WoManly Community Facebook page and monthly newsletter

+ A personalised thank you certificate for your support of the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter to display in your business

+ Free attendance to a WoManly networking event (valid until July 2019)

You can donate via their Everyday Hero 'WoMo' Campaign HERE

Pictured in the photo below; WoManly, MoManly, Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, Keystone Interaction Skills, Manly MP James Griffin and MM+J Architects

Photo Credit: Julie Crespel

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