Our First Blog for 2019!

Welcome back from your holidays!

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays with friends and family. We have some exciting projects coming up in 2019.


Our Crows Nest House 01 photoshoot was completed in December last year and the final photos of the house are ready for you. You can view them on our website!

Crows Nest House 01 had a rear addition to a single storey house with single fronted brick with 3 street frontages. We retained the front of the house due to the character it had. A bathroom, separate toilet and laundry were added as a 'link' to the exi sting building. Allowing the rear open plan kitchen, dining and living to have high level windows to provide natural sunlight from the east, north, west and south. A courtyard was created and the car parking formalised with a fence, carport and sliding gates for access. This project includes recycled bricks inside and out. The clients liked an industrial style and were happy to experiment with colour and texture. Completed in 2018.

Here are some photos, view the entire collection on our website here.


Bisazza Tiles

Bisazza tiles are incredible and stunning, the mosaic collection consists of colours, blends, shading blends, decorations and boarders. This style of tile will transform any space into its own artwork. We are seeing more clients expand their curiosity of tile options and would love to introduce Bisazza tiles into our projects. Here are some examples we love.

all images sourced from Bisazza


2019 has already seen a lot interest for new builds and renovations.

The projects you will see development early this year will be Wahroonga House 01, Fairlight House 05 and Mosman House 03.


The clients of our Freshwater House 02 moved into their almost finished house just before Christmas last year. Final external works to be completed.

Wonderful to see our clients happy in their renewed home!

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