Our Last Blog for 2018!!

December 13, 2018


Last Saturday, our principal Luisa Manfredini, presented our Manly House 03 on the Australian Architecture Association Residential Bus Tour. The tour consisted of visiting contemporary, architect designed homes in Sydney's lower north shore, inner west and northern beaches.


The architects involved in this tour included us, MM+J Architects; Ellen Woolley Architects; Anderson Architecture; Carter Williamson Architects and Ben Gerstel Architecture.

At each home, the architect spoke about their design process and the value of good design. 


The day also included a fantastic lunch at Martha's in Castlecrag. If you would like to see future architectural events run by the AAA click here.


Professional photos on their way!

We have recently had our completion photoshoot at our Crows Nest House with Eden Connell from Zoom in with Eden

Here are some photos from the day, Professional photos will be uploaded very soon to our website! 


Indoor Plants

Adding greenery to the interiors of your home will add a touch of fresh air and style. It is a trend that we see never slowing down. Here are plants that are great for indoors.

Fiddle Fig (ficus lyrata); Rubber Fig (ficus elastica); Swiss Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa); Devil's Ivy (epipremnum); Mother-in-law's Tongue (sansevieria); Zanzibar Gem (zamioculcas)