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November 30, 2018


White Ribbon Walk

The White Ribbon 'Stand Up and Speak Out' event was held at Queenscliff SLSC on the 28th November. This was held to raise awareness for domestic violence and preventing men's violence against women. Hire a HubbyMichael Regan and James Griffinwere all there in support of The White Ribbon. It was great to see such a positive group of people in support of this important issue Australia is facing. Queenscliff SLSC Initially this event was organised as a fundraising walk, however we got rained out in the recent Sydney storm, came to the rescue and accommodated this fundraising meet up. 


To end men's violence against women we must stand up, speak out and act.

Silence and inaction will let this violence continue. 


Get involved or donate HERE


Manly Bar

Dad & Dave's Brewery will be opening a new bar in Manly and MM+J Architects will be developing the DA Approval for their renovations. Here are some of the existing photos of the bar.

It sure is ready for a makeover!


Manly Bar

Here are a few sketch renders for the Manly Bar! 


Wall & Ceiling Panels

EasyCraft wall and ceiling panels are taking the interior design market by storm. Boasting a versatile range of designer styles to enhance any project and to suit each individuals style. All panels come pre-primed, ready for the final coat of paint of your choice. Installation of EasyCraft wall panels take less than half the time that of plasterboard installations. This product is very tough, it is 300% more impact resistant that plasterboard with increased abrasion resistance. The wall panels can be purchased in convenient sizes, with distributors nationwide