Melbourne Cup Photos, Product Alert, Design Trends & A Site Visit!


Melbourne Cup

The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter hosted a fantastic Melbourne Cup Lunch, at the Novotel Manly Pacific. Together, with WoManly and MoManly, vital funds were raised for the shelter. James Griffin was in attendance, for a fun-filled afternoon watching the Melbourne Cup!

It was great to see so many members of the community all gather in support of The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter. Here are a few photos from the day!


Wine Cabinets & Cellars

'Vintec is Australia's leading specialist in climate-controlled wine storage cabinets. Created to meet standards of excellence born from a love of wine, Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural underground cellars.' Sourced: Vintec

We have currently been specifying a lot of wine cabinets for our clients. It is when the love of wine meets the love of functionality; why wouldn't you have a wine cabinet in your home? Vintec is the supplier we have been using, they offer stylish and versatile products. These cabinets can sit perfectly within a kitchen, cellar or an outdoor entertaining kitchen/BBQ. If you are serious about your wine (like we are), owning a Vintec storage cabinet will sure make your wine drinking 100% more enjoyable (in our opinion!). They will also add a stylish appeal to your homes overall atmosphere, they are great for people who love to entertain.


Conversation Pits

From the 1950's to the 1970's the conversation pits grew in popularity and could eventually be found in many homes. Famously designed conversation pits include; The Miller House designed by Architect Eero Saarinen in 1957 and Architect Bruce Goff's design for a home in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1965.

As all design trends fade in and out of the spot light and the conversation pit trend had faded out. Eero Saarinen himself called them "more or less" a cliche and they lost their glamour. However, this year we have noticed a rise in this trend! In today's world, technology is all around us, its how we entertain, communicate and work. So the idea of having a conversation pit, purely designed for face-to-face communication, is now a luxury in a home. This trend would be seen in a second or third living space, offering a retreat away from digital connections that control our every move. Having a second lounge room adds great value to a house, however building a conversation pit into that room, will add character and a dramatic effect. Also noting, most houses today are open plan and having a conversation pit is a creative way to break up your living room into zones.

It is a simple idea, yet an extravagant and flamboyant design feature, we think it's great!

We do recognise that not all people will love this feature and will find it odd. However, lovers of mid-century design will note this as a selling point for a home. Today's Architects and Designers have been re-creating the conversation pit with contemporary design elements. Here are some, that have successfully incorporated the retro traditions with present day architecture and design.

1. Deco House, Melbourne - Designed by KPDO

2. Commercial Space Turned into a Loft, Barcelona - Designed by Egue & Seta

3. Brighton House, Melbourne - Designed by Techne

4. Ski Shores Lakehouse, Texas - Designed by Stuart Sampley Architect

5. Gordon, Sydney - Designed by Rolling Stones Landscapes

6. The Brighten Escape, Melbourne - Designed by Studio Ezra

Sources: KC Modern; Curbed; Apartment Therapy; Quartzy; Decoist


We just came across this conversation pit on Instagram, designed by Craig Steely. We could lounge here all day! This conversation pit doesn't have stairs like the others we have listed. However, we believe it works well. The design is less formal with the use of the purple fabric, used entirely for the space.

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Project - Freshwater House 02

The MM+J Architects team continuously attends site visits, to ensure the construction and build of our projects are running smoothly and on time. We are there to overcome any hiccups appear throughout the build process.

We recently took another site visit is our Freshwater House 02 project, for this project we are cladding the first floor addition with 'Yakisugi Charred Cladding' from Woodform. This product adds texture and the warmth of timber to the facade. Construction by Sherocon

AND here is some progress shots of the staircase!

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