Melbourne Cup Photos, Product Alert, Design Trends & A Site Visit!

November 16, 2018


Melbourne Cup

The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter hosted a fantastic Melbourne Cup Lunch, at the Novotel Manly Pacific. Together, with WoManly and MoManly, vital funds were raised for the shelter. James Griffin was in attendance, for a fun-filled afternoon watching the Melbourne Cup! 


It was great to see so many members of the community all gather in support of The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter. Here are a few photos from the day! 



Wine Cabinets & Cellars 

'Vintec is Australia's leading specialist in climate-controlled wine storage cabinets. Created to meet standards of excellence born from a love of wine, Vintec wine cabinets recreate the ideal storage conditions found only in the best natural underground cellars.' Sourced: Vintec

We have currently been specifying a lot of wine cabinets for our clients. It is when the love of wine meets the love of functionality; why wouldn't you have a wine cabinet in your home? Vintec is the supplier we have been using, they offer stylish and versatile products. These cabinets can sit perfectly within a kitchen, cellar or an outdoor entertaining kitchen/BBQ. If you are serious about your wine (like we are), owning a Vintec storage cabinet will sure make your wine drinking 100% more enjoyable (in our opinion!). They will also add a stylish appeal to your homes overall atmosphere, they are great for people who love to entertain.