Event Photos, New Products and Trends & a Site Visit!


Sam Marshall - Sydney Project Night

MM+J Architects & ArchiTeam were proud to present The Sydney Project night, held on Wednesday the 31st October at The Cosentino City Centre. It was an inspiring night listening to Sam Marshall, founder of Architect Marshall, talk about a selection of his recent projects. Marshall is best known for being the architect for the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. It was a great industry night for all who attended!


Santa & Cole Lighting

We are loving the Santa & Cole 'Cirio Multiple' Pendant light, the lamp shades fall elegantly from the ceiling creating an ambient light filled space. Antoni Arola, one of today's top Spanish designers, designed the Cirio, along with all of its variations. The 'Multiple' variation enables the candles to be freely placed wherever they are needed. Eight to twelve points of light come from the one ceiling plate. The candles/lamps come in three different finishes, white porcelain, white opal glass and brass.

We have specified this product in our Freshwater House 02 project and can't wait for its installation into the large stairwell! ECC Lighting and Furniture stocks this product in Australia.


The Northern Beaches Charity Ball 2018 - 'Secrets'

The annual Northern Beaches Charity Ball was on Saturday the 27th of October. It was a roaring success, raising a lot of money for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, to help sick children in hospitals.

A Big Thank you to Jonathan Sharp from Ripple Marketing, for being so passionate about helping those in need and for putting on such a memorable night! See you next year!!



This might come to shock most people, however wallpaper is back. Today's designs for wallpaper are bold, colourful, elegant and decorative, nothing like the 1980's! Installing wallpaper to your home creates an interesting feature to brighten a dull space. The design and renovation industry are stepping away from the stark white rooms, so wallpaper is a creative way to add colour, texture and style to a room; especially adding colour and characters to a kids bedroom or rumpus room. Compared to the 1980's, wallpaper today is made out of new materials, so it is a lot easier to install and even remove. So don't be afraid to use it!

Here are some of our favourite designs from WALLPAPER TRADER.


Freshwater House 02

The MM+J Architects team continuously attends site visits, to ensure the construction and build of our projects are running smoothly and on time and there to overcome if there are any hiccups throughout the process. Recently we visited our Freshwater House 02 and took some photos to share with our blog readers. We love to share our process with you all, as it develops a visual timeline from demolition to the final touches during our photoshoots. Take a look of Freshwater House 02 progress below

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