Construction has commenced on 2 projects!

The construction on our Freshwater House 2 and North Curl Curl house has commenced and we couldn't be anymore excited! Both of these projects are Complying Development Certificate Works.

Here are some teasers...

Freshwater House 2

North Curl Curl House

In other great news, Luisa our Principle Architect has been made an Ambassador of the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter!!

The increase of solar rooftops will put Australia on track to have a third of its power generated from renewable energy by 2020!

When deciding on whether to purchase a solar rooftop for your home, the answer should always be yes. They are increasingly being installed on more Australian homes each month. There were 19,000 small-scale rooftop solar installations during May, this generated electricity to power 38,203 homes.

Information Sourced from The Sydney Morning Herald

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