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mmj on tour

architecture of New York


From left to right:

1. Guggenheim, Frank Lloyd Wright (1959)

2. Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1886)

3. Lincoln Centre, (opened 1962)

4. Times Square

5. Times Square

6. Ticket box by Chofri, Times Square

7. Ethel Barrymore Theater 'Six Degrees of Separation'

8. Ethel Barrymore Theater interior

9-13. Street Art

David + Luisa walk the high line

What a great use of industrial infrastructure no longer required but in good condition. Walking at about 3 stories above ground gives a great view of the surrounding streets and river in the distinct and opposing jersey shore.


The landscaping design is clever, picks up on the old railroad tracks whilst leaving some exposed and interspersed with herbs and shrubs. Break out spaces along the path allow street performers and market stalls.


The concrete paving with raised concrete timber and steel seating is beautiful and functional. This walk is very popular, mostly with tourists and offers viewing platforms. It is revitalising the surrounding areas with design stores and cafes popping up at the southern entry.  Highly recommended! 


revival of Brooklyn waterfront area

Simply cleaning and opening paths and spaces along the Brooklyn waterfront area known as Dumbo has created a peaceful oasis in this former industrial area. We didn't experience the area before the works but can imagine how rough it would have been. Clever paths and walkways connect new and existing streets, all with great views of the Manhattan skyline. 


The High Line (2009) is a 2.33km New York City linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused raliway. For more information click here