mmj design talk | william smart {Smart Design Studio}

new cremorne location...

william smart

- Principal Smart Design Studio

Please join us for our 1st mmj design talk with

William Smart


Smart Design Studio

residential projects.


Wednesday 12th October from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Fanuli Furniture, 269 Military Rd, Cremorne NSW 2090


$30 per person incl. design talk, wine + light refreshments


proudly supported by


curated by David McCrae, Principal, MM+J Architects. m 0425 245 223

mm+j update

3D render by mm+j architects in manly, sydney's northern beaches

an architect must see

Tim Horton, Registrar of the NSW Architects Registration Board recommends reserving your spot at these 3 events:

1. The UK’s Indy Johar - 2 dates available:

30 Sept: Towards a future architecture (9 revolutions, 3 big ideas)

3 October: Sydney Architecture Day global oration: rethinking the Smart City

2. Where does your stuff come from?

A panel discussion aimed at securing some of the $200m on offer as part of Jobs for NSW – by showing that architects play a major role in industry supply chains. Who chooses the materials? Who specifies the suppliers? Among the speakers, Tony Stephens the Director of Engagement with Jobs for NSW (and a design thinker himself).

3. Free Radicals

A panel discussion showcasing some of the quiet revolutions that are transforming architecture, and re-engineering traditional roles in the process. How is architecture changing? Are Australian architects at the centre or on the fringe of this transformation? Hear Alex Symes (Big World Homes), Andy Nichols (Urban Growth), David Russell (Lend Lease), Prof Laura Lee (Carnegie Mellon), and Jo Jakovich (SOUP, Big World Homes).

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