what feeling do you want in your home? french interior design + evocative architecture

September 14, 2016

We generally ask our client what their design taste is, whether they have a scrap book of ideas, what ‘feeling’ they want from their house? What is important to them – lots of natural light? Large open spaces, cosy, enclosed spaces? Privacy? Peace and quiet? And so on.


some clients tell us they like a french provincial style


This reflects homes in Provence in the South of France. Since we were recently there, I was curious to see the authentic design style. We were not disappointed, a string of home wares stores in St Tropez were overflowing with the most beautiful displays, and I thought I would love to share them with you!


we loved the raw, natural materials, the colour palette


The levels of detail in the patterns giving texture to the space. The colourful tiled style flooring was actually a pattern on a piece of linoleum! So you can get the look on a budget. Being the daughter of two tailors, I particularly loved the rows and rows of gorgeous fabrics to choose from! Whilst this may not be our preferred style, as we are not fans of distressed furniture, it was truly beautiful to see how to put all the pieces together.


Together with the cakes just begging you to eat them… we had a lovely afternoon!


- luisa manfredini





mmj update

evoke - the art of architecture

8-11 September, Townsville 


evoke celebrated the cross-over between architecture and art and the creation of evocative spaces. For each speaker the creative directors, Lindy Atkin and Stephen Guthrie (Bark Design Architects) asked themselves one question "is their work evocative?" and the answer was an overwhelming "yes'. 


evoke presenters

Robyn Backen, (Sydney)

Kate Cullity, Taylor Cullity Lethlean (Adelaide)

Rodney Eggleston, March Studio (Melbourne)

Tim Hay, Fearon Hay (New Zealand)