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you never know what's underground...

During the construction phase, asbestos, rusty pipes going nowhere, plumbing and wiring that no longer complies with regulations may be found. We call this ‘latent conditions’, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected and have a small contingency amount in your budget just in case.

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be prepared for small adjustments

It's a good idea to be prepared for adjustments, as the builder and contractors will provide further detailed information during the construction phase - which may affect the design.

Having an architect for the project will ensure quality solutions and assist in coming to a compromise. Certain changes need to be notified to the Certifier,

or even to Council, possibly triggering amended drawings to be submitted to authorities.

your architect will help streamline the process

We liaise primarily with the builder, who prices the work from our drawings and documents and we work together with the builder and craftsmen to get the project built to client expectations.

manly house 03 - onsite during construction:

  • non-complying existing electrical wiring and plumbing identified

  • existing joists rotted in one corner – to be replaced

  • asbestos found buried in the ground

Once the foundation conditions were known, the builder suggested relocating the onsite detention tank from the original design, to save money for the client.

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